Office Visits


Meet and Greet: Your Complimentary Consultation

Dr. Tom and Dr. Effie believe that choosing your dentist is an important decision. Because of this, they offer a consultation at no fee where you can tour our facility and meet the doctors and team.  This gives you the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns so you are comfortable and confident that you are making the choice that is best for you. 

Emergency Treatment

Dr. Grias is availabe for 24 hour dental emergency services. If a dental emergency arises such as; broken tooth, painful tooth, or infection, Dr. Grias will address your immediate concerns to resolve the issue at hand. After your emergency has been resolved, you'll be given the option to become a patient  of record and establish a long term preventative dental care program in order to avoid future painful emergencies. If you are currently experiencing a dental emergency, please call our office number at: (616) 891-8990, and you will be automatically connected to the doctor.

Comprehensive Initial Visit

Our doctors want to begin the important steps of forming a trusting relationship with their patients through involvement, caring, and concern. By asking questions and listening, they encourage patients to think about a planned future for their dental health. Working together as a team, with the goals and desires of the patient in mind, they will determine the best course of treatment and outline a plan for future dental care.

Before your first visit, you're welcome to complete our New Patient Kit, including health questionnaire and registration materials.

  • Go to the Patient Information tab then click on Patient Forms on the left side. You can print and complete the necessary paperwork prior to your first visit to our office.

Preventative Dental Care

Once established as a patient, we will personalize your preventative care appointments with the stability of your dental health as our primary goal. Because your oral health is such an important part of your overall wellness, a custom preventative care plan, inclusive of the latest proven preventative models, will be created especially for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is right for anyone who desires an improved quality of life, a brighter smile, better oral health, and improved self esteem. The West Michigan Dental Team is one of the best trainied in the country and utilizes the most advanced materials, equipment, and techniques available in cosmetic dentistry today.